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The Late Bloomer Phenomenon: Exploring Success Stories and Tips for Late Bloomers

This article explored the phenomenon of the “late bloomer”, with a particular focus on the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles III and how the long life of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, delayed his ascension to the throne of England. We discussed some other notable examples of late bloomers like Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and Alan Sugar, before exploring the benefits of taking the “slow path” to success.

The Dangers of Taking Soft Power Lightly

I love nature, but I also respect her power. She can be beautiful and nearly perfect, but we all know perfect women don’t exist. She is also like a mother – nurturing, but also able to destroy when taken for granted...

Brego on Creativity

Creative people, creative thinkers are often treated as a threat because we challenge the status...



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