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Support Edmund’s Catio Project for Rescue Cats

Edmund Janas rescued a cat named Casper who bravely survived harsh winters but now needs dental treatment. Help Casper get the care he needs and enjoy a happy, pain-free life with his buddy Blake. Donate to Edmund’s GoFundMe campaign today!

The Curious Dance of “Partnership”

Is business really a game of smoke and mirrors? Tired of one-sided “partnership” dances where sharing secrets feels like handing over your decoder ring?

A Fight For Veteran’s End-of-Life Dignity

Struggling for justice, a devoted son continues appealing his late father’s inadequate medical care by the VA which he believes caused severe suffering, though diligent home efforts aimed to protect the decorated WWII veteran. After a dismissed federal case and denied appeals, he persists raising awareness despite legal barriers, hoping his father’s service and plight fuels reform protecting elderly, disabled veterans.

Springfield, MA Film News

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Commentary on Geneva’s Revenge

Writing is work. I’m working on a major rewrite of Geneva’s Revenge and I love the new direction and better establishing the relationship between Geneva and Liam. Two societal outcasts who support one another against...

Our Mission

Our Mission At Brego Arts & New Media Network, we are fully dedicated to creating a better future for all. Through dynamic visuals, stirring films, and powerful new media, we use our platform to raise awareness of...


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