Although I wrote about this in the past, I went to find the post and found I had deleted it. Probably because of self-consciousness or not wanting to feel like I would be labeled crazy.

The year was circa 1976, and I was a boy living in Gobass Projects with me, my Mom and multiple siblings. I had a small bedroom to myself. I’m afraid there isn’t much to the story, only to say it was pretty terrifying to a boy to have “night visitors”, and I can only recount what I experienced, what I felt and two related events that would follow years later. I’m learning not to judge myself too harshly, or to filter what I experience through what deemed socially acceptable to say. With my art, writing, then my experiences and perceptions.

Granted, perceptions are not reality, but I often stop to wonder, given that time and place, how strange and foreshadowing my perceptions would be.Long before films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, long before Whitley Strieber’s gray aliens, or I had even seen an alien depicted on TV, I had these brief experiences. Dreams, hallucinations? Maybe. But they shook me to my core, and truly terrified me.

Well, this was a time before anybody talked of grays, and I never put what happened to me during those few days together with “aliens” until many decades later. I’m sure I told my mother what happened as it was pretty traumatic. I would be asleep and beings I called “The Skeleton Men” would walk into my room, seemingly through the walls. In their hands they held what I called “wands”…and they would touch me and I would be immobilized.

Not just immobilized like I couldn’t move, but in an electrified way as if I stuck my finger in an electrical socket, both stunned and immobilized. This happened at least 2 times, maybe 3. And it was to the point I was terrified to go to sleep. I’m almost certain I told my mother, and I’m sure she brushed it off as a nightmare.Was it a hallucination? Maybe. And honestly, I don’t know. The next incident occurred in another State, in Massachusetts, circa 1983. A circular orb hovered overhead and followed me. I ran home like the dickens. I was screaming at my sister for dear life. “There’s nothing out there but the moon stupid!” I was like: “Bullshit! The moon is not pure white and following from above the treetops. Nothing else happened into my late 20’s or early 30’s, I would often sit in my care early mornings and listen to the Art Bell show on AM.As I sat in my yard an orange-red org drifted overhead without a sound swift with no sound, it didn’t float like a balloon, but it moved directly and deliberately overhead. Even as I recount this I am reminded of one last sighting, in Amherst, MA and it was similar, at least one maybe two streaking across the sky silently.I keep an open mind. My brother-in-law JC saw one in his youth in the 1970’s, and that was in Greenville, NC. With more and more people coming forward, even our military, I feel emboldened to share my story.

These were the perceptions of a boy, which should not be drawn as any conclusions. I have never had seizures or hallucinations, but I have had some spiritual or mystical experiences later in life. I can’t explain these events, but they make me think of UFOs and UAPs. Not saying they’re aliens….but…