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A Poem by Edmund Janas, copyright 2024 Memory. Memories run deeper than childhood,Etched in our...

Wars by Edmund J. Janas, II

Edmund Janas’ free verse poem “Wars” explores the harsh realities and lasting impacts of combat from the perspective of caring for a veteran father haunted by nightmares. Through visceral yet artful language, it depicts the violence of the battlefield as well as the psychological trauma soldiers carry home. The poem condemns glorifying war from a distance while honoring those who shoulder its burdens.

Embracing the Power of Self-Validation on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by embracing the power of self-validation. Reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate the journey, no matter how your family or society views it. Find peace in knowing that you are never truly alone on this special day.

The Late Bloomer Phenomenon: Exploring Success Stories and Tips for Late Bloomers

This article explored the phenomenon of the “late bloomer”, with a particular focus on the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles III and how the long life of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, delayed his ascension to the throne of England. We discussed some other notable examples of late bloomers like Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and Alan Sugar, before exploring the benefits of taking the “slow path” to success.

Little Troubled Black Boy

by Edmund J. Janas, II In Loving memory of his eldest brother, Obediah Swift, III who passed away in his sleep on December 28, 2022 Little Troubled Black Boy What of the little black boy, alone to fight against this world? Will...

A Beauty All Around

by Edmund J. Janas, II (Brego) that which is observable and true is beautiful to me data is...



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