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Making progress. A bamboo grows underground for years and years and years with no growth on the top but what it’s doing is building a deep network of roots deep underground, and when it starts growing it’s the fastest growing plant and it can grow 3 and 1/2 ft in a single day.

And this is why one should find folks who can see deeper than our surface, who can recognize our internal qualities, those who understand that we have the need to be watered regularly even when there is no surface growth. Very few indeed understand this, very few are able to have faith through the dormant years. When you find people who can see the potential in you, who understand that you need to be nurtured even when there is no external evidence of growth, hold on to them. These people are rare, and they will help you reach your full potential. It’s very nice when people perceive our hidden potential, often when we do not see it ourselves. But as important as it is to have friends who are patient with us when our potential is hidden, it is equally important to BE such a friend when we see little or no growth in others, at least….on the surface.