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Creating True Equity with Web 3.0

This essay by Edmund is an uplifting reflection on life and the opportunities presented to us by the world. It shares his journey from facing obstacles to finding his own path and creating a space for those who share “the good heart” to come together. The essay speaks from personal experience to create an emotional connection and encourages readers to strive for a more equitable and egalitarian world.

My cats are driving me crazy, but I love them anyway

Cats are endlessly fascinating as they are both curious and selfish…even rude, but never seeming mean about it. (except for when they are killing things for fun…that can’t be excused) Whereas we humans, far too...

The Culture Wars Have Gotten Rid of Reason

In light of recent culture wars, it seems that some people have a disdain for knowledge and education. They don’t want fair play, the rule of law, or diversity, equity, and inclusion. Perhaps more accurately, a few people...


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