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A Poem by Edmund Janas, copyright 2024 Memory. Memories run deeper than childhood,Etched in our...

Wars by Edmund J. Janas, II

Edmund Janas’ free verse poem “Wars” explores the harsh realities and lasting impacts of combat from the perspective of caring for a veteran father haunted by nightmares. Through visceral yet artful language, it depicts the violence of the battlefield as well as the psychological trauma soldiers carry home. The poem condemns glorifying war from a distance while honoring those who shoulder its burdens.

SNL Sketch PItch: “Kyla’s Claymated News Segment”

Experience the news reimagined through boundless childlike imagination with “Kyla’s Claymated News Segment” – a brilliant new SNL sketch starring comedian Leslie Jones. Each week, Jones voices the rambunctious 8-year-old Kyla, who humorously recaps major headlines via delightfully unhinged claymation adventures. With ruthless honesty and absurdist flair, Kyla transforms complex current events into surreal clay comedy vignettes, creating a vital respite of irreverent escapism and satirical social commentary through an authentic youthful lens.

Treatment: SNL Sketch – “Long-form Greeting Cards”

A dark but humorous and irreverent take on life’s uncertainties, this dark comedy SNL pitch sketch explores the premise of a greeting card company that hires cynical writers to pen blunt, morbid messages for major life events like graduations. The scene depicts a young graduate excitedly opening a card from his family, only to be met with a shockingly pessimistic diatribe about life being an unpredictable series of disappointments followed by death. As the graduate’s face falls in confusion, his family erupts in outrage and horror at the card’s dark musings.

The Nose Blind Pet Owner

A comedic story of one cat owner’s experience with the messes that come with his cats and the Xfinity technician that had to deal with it all. Follow the narrator’s humorous and lighthearted journey with his cats and the consequences of their misbehavior.

The Last Hope (Final Draft)

In “THE LAST HOPE,” Angazia, a young Amazon warrior, embarks on a treacherous journey to earn a coveted place in the Queen’s Guard. Her trials lead her to face mutant beasts and a mysterious cyborg named Fibian, whose unexpected alliance challenges her beliefs. Ultimately, she must make a fateful decision that could either lead to unity between mankind and womankind or seal her fate in exile. This thrilling tale explores themes of honor, sacrifice, and the quest for peace in a post-apocalyptic world.



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