Yes, I’m actually researching this fictional piece I’m writing. Turns out, King Edward was born in 1894 and Hattie McDaniel was born in 1893. So they could have had a love affair. I want the piece to be funny, but most of all respectful to Hattie McDaniel, as much as a fictional comedic piece can be anyway. She’ll be liberated, but I think King Edward’s character, we can play with. I think by showing how Prince Harry’s great-grandfather gave up the throne for an American actress, much in the same way Prince Harry gave up his title for an American Actress 84 years later, we can draw parallels and play with the them of the recurrence of history. Even Diana’s and Dodi’s romance echoes this. How history keeps repeating until we think different thoughts and choose different actions. How love breaks down artifice. It could very well morph into a romantic comedy. Ms. McDaniels was a comedian, so I hope she would appreciate the story.

I think I want the British to accept Ms. Daniels and extend to her the role of Queen Consort. Researching if that would have been logistically possible in 1941 at the height of Hattie’s fame, when she would have caught the King’s eye. (it is an alternate reality) I want to do this to expose the hypocrisy of the British media. #EdwardandHattie #HarryandMeghan. I’ll run up to the line, but I won’t jump over it. Maybe.

The challenge for me is to get Hattie’s tone right, as I only know of her from her performances which…obviously was not her voice. So I’ll have to listen to her interviews and read what she wrote, it could easily turn bad if I don’t make that effort. Then there are the questions that arise from this experiment.


  • What would be the implications of a King loving and marrying a woman of color in 1941?
  • How can I create a story that is both respectful and humorous to the legacy of Hattie McDaniel?
  • How would this story highlight the similarities between Prince Harry and King Edward’s stories?
  • How can we use this story to draw attention to the hypocrisy of the British media?


  • Love is greater than any prejudice or artifice.
  • History has a tendency to repeat itself.
  • We can learn from the past and use it to create a better future.
  • We should always strive to be respectful and mindful when telling stories about marginalized people.

The light this story could shed on Harry and Meghan is that their love follows an age-old pattern of royalty choosing unconventional partners, and how their story is a testament to the power of love in the face of prejudice and scrutiny. It could also demonstrate how the decision to choose love can be a revolutionary act that can spark change.

You have waited long enough loyal fans. Here’s our first draft. Enjoy!