Category: Comedy and Silliness

Treatment: SNL Sketch – “Long-form Greeting Cards”

A dark but humorous and irreverent take on life’s uncertainties, this dark comedy SNL pitch sketch explores the premise of a greeting card company that hires cynical writers to pen blunt, morbid messages for major life events like graduations. The scene depicts a young graduate excitedly opening a card from his family, only to be met with a shockingly pessimistic diatribe about life being an unpredictable series of disappointments followed by death. As the graduate’s face falls in confusion, his family erupts in outrage and horror at the card’s dark musings.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion….We invented it.

Now that’s the funny thing about #23andme #dnatesting. Within our family we know of Native American ancestors from a couple generations back, yet I have none on my 23andme DNA. I have found more than a few surprises on my...

Yes, I’m an Animal.

“You could never insult me by calling me an animal. Actually, I take it as a compliment To be called after a loyal dog, a pig, a rat, monkey or a snake is no insult! Snakes are resilient, dogs are loyal, monkeys are cute,...



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