Harry is getting a taste of what it’s like to be Black. And all he had to do was marry a pretty half-Black woman with a mind and a voice to incur society’s ire. Some of that ire for being a woman, and much of it from being a Black woman. But Harry and Meghan are suing these lying bastards in court and winning. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Same is true of the rags in the US, Fox News for example, when spreading blatant lies about the Great Replacement theory, The Big Lie and voting machines finally force to admit in court that they are in fact, liars. These supposed and presumably educated “journalists” are learning that in fact, there may be consequences, at least financially, to their misleading propaganda. FoxNews in the form of a $1bil dollar lawsuit for lies it spread over the Dominion Voting System.

It seems that Pop culture is willing to give white criminals a pass the majority of the time, but the courts on the other hand, along with the military take a more scientific and reasoned approach to breaking the law. (Judge Schroeder aside). Now it’s plainly obvious why tRump was stuffing lifetime Federal court vacancies with ill-qualified judges. In fact, that was his M.O. from day one, installing nothing more than dumb college grads into head leadership roles over Radio-Free Europe and corporate boot-licker Ajit Pai as head of the FCC. All willing to throw American values and individual freedoms under the bus if asked nicely.

Our courts, are often the last recourse we have at any form of justice. And as we can see from recent Supreme Court decisions, it’s working like a charm. One can only imagine the countless people denied justice by these hack justices who will serve on their benches for a lifetime. With any justice, they and their installers will one day face a higher judge in a higher court. But that’s wishful thinking. It’s time to vote blue up-and-down the ballot and remove every Republican from office this mid-term election. From the dogcatcher on up. We should work to expand the Supreme Court and undo the corruption that tRump has caused to our country. We must, as we do for every other American hold Rupert Murdoch (a foreign born actor and guest in our country…yes, he became a citizen) accountable for every lie that causes harm.

One can only hope that the families of Buffalo shooting victims can prove a connection between Tucker Carlson’s spreading Great Replacement conspiracies and hold him accountable too. If any of us non-millionaires spread such lies that lead to a mass shooting, we would still be under interrogation at the FBI field office, but not Tucker. There are many videos out there showing the connection between his rants and the shooting, it’s well-trod territory. Must be nice to live in Tucker’s world, no consequences.

Let’s hope their time is up, and people who knowingly lie to the masses are held accountable. There should be consequences, as tRump, should face legal consequences for leading an armed insurrection that resulted in the death of five Capitol police officers, one on the day and four who died of suicide in the months that followed. This should go without saying, and had those insurrectionists been BIPOC, it would have gone without saying.

Be fair, play nice, treat all people with respect. This is really 1st grade stuff, but it’s rocket science to some very smart and classy people, or…at the very least people who believe they are the standard for what is smart and classy. Meanwhile Meghan Markle did donate her court award to charity, so maybe they should take a cue from her.

The Hollywood Report Reports: Prince Harry Article in The Mail on Sunday Was “Defamatory,” Judge Rules