Veritas Tua, A short scene by Edmund J. Janas, II
May 21, 2022

Although this is technically a monologue, it is actually more powerful when performed as a scene. It is written with a non-binary actor in the speaking part, and the woman listening as the recipient of the message.

The speaking actor is mostly obscured, blurred or not seen in full. Attention to details of the scene, the woman’s reactions and the cafe, hardly ever on the speaker. The woman is fully engrossed in the other actor’s monologue. It’s clear she is coming off of a good cry, and is suddenly happy to see her friend and hear all they have to say. She listens to her friend intently. The actor listening is actually doing the hard work as she must respond, reflect…even laugh at the corny lines and over-the-top beliefs of her friend. Ultimately she comes to some personal revelations about what is being said. We must see her resolve in the end.


“I am utterly sick and fed-up with people and their bullshit. Myself included. We are all, to some degree afraid to take a stand for what we feel is right. We can’t speak truth to anyone, because most people are too damn scared they will lose something…someone, followers, they’ll lose a job, social status or the god of all…money.

I know of very smart people with the solutions to some of society’s ills locked on the tip of their tongues but who are too terrified of losing things to use their voice! So they stay silent. For a job? A job that you will lose eventually anyway. A position. Afraid of blowback from speaking the truth?! Afraid you’ll look stupid, silly or weak? Afraid someone will stop loving you?

FUN FACT: If they stop loving you…it ain’t love.

But isn’t it true we become stupid, silly and weak in time if we do not live boldly? Life’s cruel and poetic justice, is that we all break down and we all die, or…at least, that’s another illusion we have bought into. (to barista) so….make mine a double carpe diem macchiato con panna, please. (returns back to young lady sitting opposite)

So why are you afraid to lose an illusion? These things are contrived and only exist in your mind, or worse…in the mind of others. You and your spirit, your capacity to love is the only thing that is real, the only thing that you get to keep. No, not romantic love. I’m talking about real power, real love. So act boldly, speak up, and act. The self-regard you get from standing in your truth will be far greater than any thing society can give or take away; and don’t fool yourself, society does take it away. But knowing that we stood in our truth… we get to keep it that for all the ages. (Pondering) As a very wise art teacher once told me. “Stop fudging around and draw!” (sips coffee)

Camera dollies back to reveal the young lady is sitting alone.

Will someone be joining you?


As the waitress walks away the young lady smiles and looks directly at the camera pulls back to reveal that the chair in front of her has been empty this whole time.

(in the voice of her imaginary friend)
“No matter what the cost, speaking your truth is always worth it. It’s the only thing you can really control in this life, so make it count.”


All rights reserved 2022, feel free to perform on stage but attribution required. You may not reproduce for film without written permission. You may not use for commercial purposes without written consent.

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