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A Fight For Veteran’s End-of-Life Dignity

Struggling for justice, a devoted son continues appealing his late father’s inadequate medical care by the VA which he believes caused severe suffering, though diligent home efforts aimed to protect the decorated WWII veteran. After a dismissed federal case and denied appeals, he persists raising awareness despite legal barriers, hoping his father’s service and plight fuels reform protecting elderly, disabled veterans.

Veritas Tua

Veritas Tua, A short scene by Edmund J. Janas, IIMay 21, 2022 Although this is technically a...

The Last Hope (Final Draft)

In “THE LAST HOPE,” Angazia, a young Amazon warrior, embarks on a treacherous journey to earn a coveted place in the Queen’s Guard. Her trials lead her to face mutant beasts and a mysterious cyborg named Fibian, whose unexpected alliance challenges her beliefs. Ultimately, she must make a fateful decision that could either lead to unity between mankind and womankind or seal her fate in exile. This thrilling tale explores themes of honor, sacrifice, and the quest for peace in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Last Hope

A Short Story by Edmund J. Janas, II The first Short Story illustrated by AI as far as we know...



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