The land grab continues in the metaverse, but it is a speculative one – we do not yet know if it will lead to a new world order or a new world of opportunity, or just be a lot of people playing games. The possible consequences of the metaverse land grab only benefiting a few companies are many. For one, a lack of diversity and cash flow to the lower levels could severely impact the development of the metaverse. Additionally, a lack of BIPOC owned companies in the metaverse space could have negative consequences for the Web 3 as a whole. Billions are being spent in metaverse land grab but the wealth and opportunities aren’t being shared, $2 billion this year according to It seems like every day there’s a new article about some huge company buying up land in the metaverse. And while that’s all well and good for the bigwigs, it’s not doing much for the little guys. I mean, sure, a few of the mega-corps have thrown a few crumbs our way in the form of “opportunities” to work for them, hawking virtual goods in virtual spaces for tokens. But let’s be real, these companies pay their bills and by their Solient Green with money that folds. And don’t even get me started on the whole “in-game currency” thing. Yeah, it’s cool that I can use Robux to buy a new shirt for my avatar. But how am I supposed to save up for a plot of my own when the prices are skyrocketing and I can only earn a couple hundred Robux a day? No shade to Roblox, at least they have an affiliate program. It’s like, come on guys, open up your affiliate programs, and stop acting so selective and exclusive. This “gated community” vibe is antithetical to Web 3 and the Metaverse, and it’s preventing small creators and networks from getting a foothold. So while trustless partnerships should be common in the metaverse, they are not. And while the promise is of smart contracts, that seems to be something out of reach for the big players when it comes to rewarding people with money for actually helping to build their brands. Until the wealth is shared, Web 3 will just be another gated community of elites. We hear there are reward programs on some smaller networks that sell virtual plots of land on Mars. Why do I have the feeling Mars will be developed long before America is? – Brego