So long, Twitter! Scientists are ditching the platform for greener pastures reports on the current exodus of scientists from Twitter, or at least the brewing exodus.

Twitter has been a go-to for years for many scientists as a way to connect with colleagues and debate with other experts in their field. But with the recent takeover by Elon Musk, many scientists are concerned that the platform will become increasingly toxic, and are looking for alternatives. Mastodon, a smaller Twitter rival, has seen a surge in new users in the past week, as scientists look for a more welcoming online home. But whether the general public will follow suit remains to be seen – after all, part of the appeal of Twitter for scientists is the ability to communicate with a broad audience, not just other experts. Time will tell whether Twitter can clean up its act under Musk – but in the meantime, it looks like scientists are voting with their feet.

Brego hears that Bluesky is starting a rival service that is based on the Blockchain. Could it detrhone Elon? We predicted months ago, we believe Twitter is on its way out.