As a BIPOC business owner, I have found that the reality of succeeding in the startup world is far more complex than simply having a great idea. I have come to realize that, no matter how good my idea is, I still need white people to validate it, and that’s true across all lines.

This, in turn, begs the question of what kind of society are we living in if that is the case?

If this is the standard in the Web 3 space, the same space that touts transparency and openness, it makes one wonder what kind of society we are living in.

It’s all too common to hear venture capitalists talk about diversity, “minority programs”, and their unwillingness to open up to outsiders who may have a good idea and the drive to do something with it, but old systems die hard, and Web 2 and now Web 3 feel more like gated communities than open frontiers of advancement.

It’s almost as if they are burning through VC dollars with no real intention of producing a meaningful result. The very people who should be embracing those who wish to partner with them are instead pushing them away and creating a culture of exclusivity and elitism. It’s discouraging and makes one question the actual commitment to fostering real change in this space.

Additionally, I have experienced firsthand the lack of access to resources for BIPOC entrepreneurs. I am constantly met with claims of lack of funding from the government that fail to be backed up with tangible solutions. Where are the dollars? Even the SBA is requiring me to have perfect credit and collateral, as if I have all the resources already, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The only way to qualify for a business startup loan is to not need one. This, in turn, leaves me with no other options than to do everything on my own. I’m no longer lying to myself in the hopes of receiving help that doesn’t exist. I’m taking this journey into my own hands and I’m going to take good notes along the way.

I for one, have zero intention of living with or working in harmony with a racialize or oppressive society. Absolutely none, so perhaps it is high time for me to find a new home.