My name is Edmond Janice. I am known as meta actor and Brego across the internet. Um, I just wanted to share with you a few thoughts. I had about meta the metaverses and web three, and generally cryptocurrencies for a moment. Let’s just define what meta is and what the Metaverse versus are. They are. 3d immersive intelligent spaces.

I think that’s a good definition now, do they exist? Here and there Microsoft’s working on their version. We have roadblocks, we have, I guess, multiplayer games. We have environments where people go to interact and to spend money. They exist, but by and large, they have not been widely adopted by the masses.

Very addictive places. You could spend a fortune in there, but can you make money? Can it be, um, Brought into the real world for real utilitarian purposes, but let’s pretend they don’t exist for a moment. Let’s talk about web three because web three, I believe is why mark Zuckerberg rebranded meta to MEA or Facebook to its parent company.

Meta the name you get my gist. Um, I think he saw the dwindling numbers, the controversies, and he said, Hmm, we need to really hold onto the attention of the people because you’ll sometimes her hear web three refer to as the attention economy. And that’s important to, to note because influencers and people.

Drive the internet at the end of the day, it’s the people who drive the internet and what they want. Not a technology, not a company, not a infrastructure, but the people now, what is web three? Web three is 3d. Virtual reality, augmented reality. And it’s interactive. It’s intelligent has machine learning and artificial intelligence at its heart.

It’s decentralized. So no, no one big company owns it, but I think he carved out his claim. To web three by, uh, rebranding as meta. We’re gonna run out of time in this segment. I do want to talk about cryptocurrencies in the next segment. So check out part two and like, and subscribe. Thank you.

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