Man…AESPA sounds like a living train wreck. I don’t like watching fails so I will delay watching their Coachella performance. I’m not picking on them, they are cute and talented for their audience, I’m speaking about certain artists and genres of music and more or less the music industry as a whole. The masses are fine copying Black artists’ swag yet, nobody honors them…and that’s for the whole music industry. Just once when a Black or Brown life is snuffed by a cop, I want people who try to move and act Black to stop whatever it is they’re doing and stand with Black folks. Not later, but right then and there, when their voices are needed. As the old saying goes: “Everyone wants to be Black, until the police arrive.” What I’m saying is, if you get upset about a comedian slapping a comedian, and you offer such loud and public condemnation about that, but are fucking silent when a cop shoots an unarmed Black man. You likely have issues fit for a madhouse. In regards to the Slap Heard Around the World So, the next person who condemns Will Smith or…even his wife (which some are doing)…ask them where they stand on police violence and the safety and security of Black and brown bodies in public spaces. Expose their hypocrisy as publicly as they are proclaiming their virtues. Let’s find out how foreign thinkers are processing this slap.