AI is taking over the art world, and this is revolutionary. It changes what it means to be an artist, and what it means to be human. With the over-saturation of high-quality art generated by AI, the art markets will never be the same. This presents both problems and opportunities for humanity that have never been seen before.

We have some questions for psychologists, sociologists, and those interested in the topic of evolution. How will this rewire our brains? How will it affect our psychology? It is said that people who grew up watching black and white television, grew up to dream in black and white. It’s also said that those exposed to color television dreamed in color, and those who play video games, dream in video games.

What happens when anyone can create super-detailed and highly imaginative visuals? How will this impact our perceptions, dreams, and reasoning? What does it do to the value of art? Is art created by humans as special as it once was? Is human art valued differently than AI art? What happens when anyone can compose or sing beautifully? What does this do to the field of music? There are a world of questions that we will have to grapple with, and a world of questions that will likely never occur to us until we are in this brave new world.