by Edmund Janas

Empath, gotta know your worth,

Can’t pour from an empty cup,

Gotta heal yourself first,

and that’s what’s up.

They try to fill their void with your light,

But their pain ain’t your fight.

You give an inch,

they demand a mile,

Cross your boundaries, make you hostile.

Time to build your walls up,

Protect your peace,

ain’t no free refills

for your empty cup.

They try to blame you but nah you ain’t responsible,

For their issues, their pain, you ain’t obligated to solve them.

That’s on them,

Those inner demons they gotta face.

While you stand tall

in your truth

in your grace.

Your light shines so bright it reveals their darkness,

But you ain’t here to fix them regardless.

Your empathy’s a gift, not a debt they can collect,

Gotta respect yourself, pay yourself first,


Set your boundaries, know your worth,

If you honest

been that way from your birth

The love you give is what you deserve in return.

Align with them kindred souls,

Who get you, respect your time

respect your talents

respect you goals

respect your grind

You a healer but can’t let them bleed you dry,

Gotta nourish your soul, elevate

on high.

Surround yourself with good energy,

Let your light shine boundless

and fr-fr-free.

You deserve love gentle as the morning sun,

Where your true self embraced and you feel

at one.

Your humanity protected, treasured, understood,

and respected

The way it should,

the way it should.

I want this to fit…. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Naughty by Nature, but it would need additional hands.
“Runaway” by Kanye West fits better mostly as is.