Category: Race in History

Seeing Elvis Presley Through New Eyes: A Review of Elvis

This review examines the legacy of Elvis, discussing his impact on culture and exploring his relationship with the Black community. It looks at the question of whether Elvis was a racist, an appropriator of Black culture, or simply a culture vulture, giving an in-depth look at the man and his music.

The War Within: Confronting Internal and External Racial and Cultural Pressures, Cultural Blindspots to Medical Objectification (Rev.4)

This post reflects on the experience of a biracial black man, discussing the complexities of being part of two different cultures and not fully understanding either. He talks about his experience with cultural references, barbershops and the dozens, as well as the racism he has experienced from both white and non-white people. He concludes that by staying true to himself and speaking his truth he can help bring about change.


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