It’s said, or at least believed in some quarters of the Black community that Elvis was a racist. To be honest, I don’t know, it was way before my time. You know, “Elvis was a hero to most!” Rap lyrics by Public Enemy. And even if he wasn’t the question lingers, was he an appropriator of Black culture, or simply a culture vulture. Rhyme intended.

Well what I know for sure, he was turned out by Black music which at least Elvis, the film at least acknowleges. (Joining long line of white celebrities from the beginning of the Mass Abduction until today)

But I wondered if that was a fact oe just talk. I did hear a story of him shooting a TV because it had a Black person on he didnt like. But is that true? All I remember was when he died, he was due for a show across the street from us in 1976. I was about 5.

Well, he sure was hot looking, at the beginning anyway. I also heard his people were like Lincoln and Fiona Apple, Melungion. Which is a mixture of European, Native and Black.

I did see one of his stage shows where he featured theist beautiful black women in his act. #Elvis. #Warnerbros…#Netflix #sagaftra

Interesting so far, seems I’ll have to do some reading to see what’s true and what’s not, and to that degree this film is a great success, as now I’m actually watching and reading what Elvis actually said and not reducing a person to a verse in a rap song and perhaps viewing him in a more compassionate light. For whatever his sourcing of Black culture may have been, at the very least he brought all people together through music, and that I can respect.

#AustinButler did a great job and I believe he’s up for best actor, and I have to say, he earned it. Especially since he doesn’t (to me anyway) look like Elvis in his natural state…as he seems blonde. There is some lack of emotional range, but we’ll allow for it as he’s still pretty young. In terms of the direction, the visuals were very beautiful and the recreation of the sets and productions from the era were indistinguishable from the originals. The use of real life footage was artfully incorporated. The use of Non-diegetic elements tasteful, i kinda liked the WB Elton John Title card. Overall the direction had a sensitive touch. In terms of score, it was nice to see Hip-Hop incorporated, a not to R&B, Rock and Gospel ties that hold all of American music together. If a message doesn’t resonate with today’s audience, if the message is not received, then what’s the point.

I would love to see Austin Butler play A-ha’s Morten Harket, as he seems to have that look and sound. Now that might be interesting. But the vocal coaching is awesome, especially as Elvis ages.

Just Say No to drugs kids…it never ends well. NEVER. And even a little drug experimentation will cost you later one. Remember what your uncle Joey says: “No matter how beautiful, talented and rich you are, this world will chew you up for breakfast and forget your name by noon.” Everyone is vulnerable, so proceed accordingly. Overall, Elvis was a good film, and Austin Butler is cinch for Best Actor. If I have one criticism is the notion that the Colonel’s perspective was at the forefront. That’s unfortunate. But what I am excited about is I can get past my own prejudice and I’m open to the music of Elvis now, and I can work past my own prejudices to see the man with new eyes. I wonder, who else am I not seeing accurately?

Don’t wait on others…Do it!

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