Jordan Neely and the Failure of Accountability

The horrific incident that unfolded on the New York City subway, resulting in the murder of Jordan Neely, a Black man, can only be described as a public lynching in broad daylight. This article aims to condemn the inadequate charges brought against Daniel Penny, shed light on the failure of justice, and challenge the media’s complicity in normalizing this act of violence. It is crucial to question the lightweight charges, criticize the absence of a gag order, and call out the right-wing media’s dangerous glorification of a cowardly act.          

Insufficient Charges and the Failure of Accountability: The Manhattan District Attorney’s office must be held accountable for the lightweight charges levied against Daniel Penny. To refer to this heinous act as manslaughter undermines the gravity of the crime committed. The intentional choking and subsequent death of Jordan Neely demand stronger charges that reflect the seriousness of the offense and the need for justice.

    1. Absence of a Gag Order: Inconsistencies in Legal Proceedings: The decision not to impose a gag order on Daniel Penny is perplexing, especially considering the precedent set in high-profile cases like the Trump trial. A gag order would prevent Penny from capitalizing on his actions and would protect the integrity of the investigation. The absence of such an order raises questions about the fairness and transparency of the legal process.
    2. Right-Wing Media’s Dangerous Narratives: It is deeply troubling to witness how right-wing media outlets are attempting to turn Daniel Penny into a hero. This celebration of a cowardly attack on a man one-third Penny’s size, the ignoring of pleas from subway riders to stop choking Jordan Neely for a full 15 minutes, and the subsequent loss of life should never be celebrated or normalized. Such narratives promote mob violence and erode the principles of justice and equality.
    3. Condemning Opportunism: Nikki Haley’s Disturbing Endorsement: Nikki Haley’s opportunistic promotion of mob violence and her call for a pardon for Daniel Penny is reprehensible. It demonstrates a lack of empathy for the victim, Jordan Neely, and undermines the pursuit of justice. Haley’s actions serve as a stark reminder of the dangerous political opportunism that seeks to exploit tragic events for personal gain.
    4. Unasked Questions: Demanding Accountability: It is perplexing that the media has failed to ask critical questions of Daniel Penny. Some essential queries that should be posed include:
    5. What led you to resort to such a violent act instead of seeking alternative de-escalation methods?
    6. Why did you ignore the pleas of subway riders to release your chokehold on Jordan Neely?
    7. How do you justify your actions, considering your training as a Marine and the values associated with that service?
    8. We should ask other questions too. The two other men who assisted with Jordan Neely’s execution by holding him down so he couldn’t break free. Will they be charged? If not, why?

The murder of Jordan Neely must be recognized for what it truly is—a public lynching of a Black man in broad daylight. The lightweight charges, the absence of a gag order, and the media’s complicity in normalizing this act of violence are deeply concerning. It is our collective responsibility to demand accountability, challenge dangerous narratives, and ensure that justice prevails. We must ask the difficult questions and refuse to accept anything less than a thorough investigation that upholds the values of fairness and equality. Only then can we begin to heal the wounds inflicted by this tragic event and work towards a more just society for all.