Brego’s Prediction 2024

In tech boot camp once again. The underlying tech is pretty much unchanged, but security and options are infinitely complex. My goal is to be tech agnostic and not overly reliant on any company, especially proprietary solutions and companies that have no customer support. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. Most big players are making cash grabs, as if they are the poorest people on earth. They are so large, so successful and…arguably so greedy that they rely on ai and losing customers in complexity to continue their fleecing of users.

I predict AI tools in the hands of developers will create a renaissance in SaaS. Businesses are tired of being held hostage to software subscriptions.

Costs are out of control and entry-level startups need to have huge cash reserves and be willing to pay to play. It’s not enough to have a good idea, not good enough to be good, you have to be well-financed and have connections on the inside. Then your success is assured. Why did I ever think #web3 would be any different?

Armed conflict with China, will lead to a ban on Tiktok, Tiktok users revolt. Multitude of Web 3 video sharing and alliances to form. Blessing some platforms and punishing others. People begin to understand Web 3 once financial incentives emerge.