I needed a custom image for our site. I hunted all over for an image that has these qualities and I could find none. Dall-E Mini created these variations within 2 minutes. These images exist nowhere in the world. But now they do! 🙂

Coral colored, Sea Squirt in foreground, coral colored ocean in background, minimalist style, horizontal orientation, yielded this. Albiet not the highest resolution, but still stunning!

I wanted a custom background for our Action Figure page.

Here is the Prompt I used:

Two ray-traced action figures on a horizontal layout a marvel superhero on one end, a DC superhero on the other, glossy finish on both figures, in neutral earthtones smooth background minimalist:

BUTTTTT!!!!! There’s one problem. The resolution is VERY Low. So when you blow it up to a background, it looks rather pixelated. I’m sure higher resolution is on the horizon. The results are pictured below. Kinda disappointing, but this is just the beginning, so.

Wooo-Hooo! I’m loving it! I was born 30 years too soon! 🙂

OK, one more then I go to sleep.

Abstract art of a little boy and girl laughing standing on a hill reaching up as little monarch butterflies encircle above and about flying off up into the blue sky sky flowers all around them, bright childlike colors construction paper look.

Four and Seven are my favorites. 5 Looks like a butterfly alien abduction. These will work for smaller spot illustration on our endangered insects page…here. Finally, ART THERAPY FOR EVERYONE!!!! Don’t be shy, dream of something and create it.

OK, OK, OK! Last one for real though!

An Amur Leopard that looks likd a stuffed animal being cradled by a baby Orangutan, done in detailed watercolor, the orangutan eyes have a glimmer of light in them the background is an abstract forest canopy

OK, maybe I was a little over the top with that request and AI was like, “Simmer down, now.” Just as well, I would have cried if I saw a baby Orangutan holding a stuffed Amur baby doll. It’s sad enough already that we are losing so many species. Well, I think….8 is the clear winner, the others have a vacant look in their eyes. 8 seems the most lively. You can learn about endangered species on our page, here.