Say Goodbye to Copyright Claims and Hello to Uppbeat Premium!

Are you a YouTuber looking for good quality, copyright-free music? Look no further than Uppbeat Premium! We understand the pain of finding the right music to set the mood and atmosphere of your videos, and the frustration of copyright claims that can come with it. That’s why we’ve created Uppbeat, the London based music platform that provides copyright-free music specifically with YouTubers in mind.

Our platform offers over 1,000 tracks, conveniently divided by genre, style, and mood, and we provide 10 downloads for free every month. With our premium plan, you get an unlimited number of tracks, and no more copyright claims! Plus, we make sure the artists you love get paid for their work.

With Uppbeat, you no longer have to worry about copyright claims, and you can rest assured that your favorite musicians will get paid what they are due. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing you are supporting a London based company. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get your free 10 downloads and start making your videos stand out today! Don’t forget, we also offer a free starter plan to get you on your way. Grab the free starter plan.

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