On Blast: Seeking top-notch Web3 partners for a cutting-edge marketing network!

We’re passionate about promoting truly exceptional Web3 products and services that deliver genuine value. Through our network, we reach a targeted audience hungry for innovative solutions in this exciting space.

The Problem: We understand the frustration of sifting through countless Web3 projects, many with unclear offerings and questionable legitimacy. We’ve vetted countless partners, and frankly, most haven’t met our high standards.

Our Solution: We’re on a mission to curate a select group of elite Web3 partners who share our commitment to:

  • Frictionless Experience: Onboarding that’s smooth and seamless, no matter the user’s technical expertise.
  • Quality Products & Services: Solutions that are genuinely useful, transparent, and deliver on their promises.
  • Clear Communication: No more jargon or empty buzzwords. We value honest conversations and open communication.
  • Trustless Rewards: Reward programs built on secure on-chain technology, accessible to everyone, globally.
  • Integrity as Core: We seek partners who align with the fundamental values of Web3, prioritizing decentralization, transparency, and user empowerment.

What We’re Looking For:

Web3 products and services across all categories, offering unique value to our network.

  • Innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in this space.
  • Companies committed to a user-centric approach and building trust with their community.

Join us: We’re currently selecting just 3 top partners per category to ensure exclusive access to a highly engaged audience. If you believe your Web3 project stands out from the crowd, we encourage you to apply!

Good luck, and let’s build the future of Web3 together!