The Curious Dance of “Partnership”

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Remember that kid who always wanted to be friends, but only if you showed them all your cool toys first? Yeah, that’s starting to feel like a lot of business interactions lately.

Here’s the scenario: I extend a hand, propose a partnership, “Let’s join forces!” I’ve got a network, a vision, and a genuine desire to collaborate. But the response? “We don’t have a program… but tell us everything about your reach and capabilities.”

Hold on, rewind. Isn’t a partnership a two-way street? You share, I share, we build something awesome together. Instead, it feels like a one-sided interrogation, leaving me wondering if I’ve just handed over my secret decoder ring to a competitor in disguise. ️‍♀️

Now, I get it. Business is competitive. It’s a jungle out there, and sometimes you gotta wear camouflage. But let’s be honest, playing “pretend-partners” just builds walls, not bridges. It saps the joy out of collaboration and turns the entrepreneurial spirit into a suspicious squint.

So, I’m raising a flag for a new kind of business dance. One where open doors meet open hands, where collaboration trumps competition, and where sharing isn’t a one-way ticket to vulnerability.

I’m still learning this waltz, this tango of trust in the business world. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, sharing dreams with anyone who’d listen. But I’ve learned that not everyone wants to see you soar, not even within your own circle. It’s a tough pill, but it’s the price of playing the game, I guess. ️

So, to the “partners-in-name-only,” I say this: Let’s ditch the charade. If it’s a no, just say no. But if there’s a spark, a glimmer of genuine collaboration, let’s build something together, brick by brick, with open doors and open hearts.

Because in the end, isn’t that what business should be about? Building, not battling. Sharing, not sussing out. Maybe then, we can recapture a little of that lost joy, that entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on connection, not competition.