Web3 Deserves More From Its Top Trailblazers

Syndicated from Brego.com

Over the years, I have reached out to several major crypto players about potential collaborations. Unfortunately, despite mutual benefits, the response has often been tepid. The broader tech landscape can be insular. Leaders rightly believe strongly in their own visions, yet an openness to outside insight remains core to innovation.

The web3 ethos is founded on ideals of openness, user empowerment and decentralization. However, the gap between rhetoric and functional reality persists in corners of the industry. Users should assess how much novel platforms meaningfully decentralize access and ownership. Moving forward requires keeping founders accountable – how effectively are their architectural choices and incentives furthering true decentralization?

Moreover, realizing web3’s societal potential relies on unlikely collaborations with legacy industries like entertainment. Record labels wield enormous audience reach that fledgling web3 projects deeply need. And web3 offers creative marketing inroads into younger demographics. Yet more candid conversations are required to spur symbiosis.

The underpinning vision here – putting users at the center via increased ownership and control – remains too important to be waylaid by either insularity or self-interest. By continually advocating for web3’s highest aims, we can build that more equitable future. 

– Edmund J. Janas, Brego.com