Writing is work. I’m working on a major rewrite of Geneva’s Revenge and I love the new direction and better establishing the relationship between Geneva and Liam. Two societal outcasts who support one another against all odds. I thought I had a full story but it’s really more of an outline, so now the real work begins. https://brego.com/genevas-revenge-rev-2/

This allegorical tale which was meant to be a social commentary on child labor and exploitation in West Africa, is turning out to be more difficult than I imagined.

I wanted to tell a story to illustrate the horrors of this practice, but in a way (or time period) far from our own. I also wanted to see what ally-ship (is that a word) would look like then, and what type of rare soul would actually stand up against oppression.

Revenge in our society is such a taboo subject, and I felt there should be other taboos in this story as well. These are uncomfortable truths. Imagining equality in a world dead set against it, acknowledging the human need for justice and…possibly revenge, and also acknowledging that not everyone fits into societal archetypes. And perhaps to acknowledge grave injustices, and the redemptive power of love.

Currently the story has many shortcomings, but I’m working on them.