Category: Judicial & Police Reform

A Fight For Veteran’s End-of-Life Dignity

Struggling for justice, a devoted son continues appealing his late father’s inadequate medical care by the VA which he believes caused severe suffering, though diligent home efforts aimed to protect the decorated WWII veteran. After a dismissed federal case and denied appeals, he persists raising awareness despite legal barriers, hoping his father’s service and plight fuels reform protecting elderly, disabled veterans.

What Happens if the Supreme Court Loses Credibility?

When it comes to the Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice John Roberts has been at its helm for 18 years. During this time he has made some of the most important decisions in American history – decisions that have had an immense impact on our nation’s future. But what happens when these decisions are met with widespread criticism and distrust? What happens when the Supreme Court loses credibility?

The Restrict Act: Resisting the Oppression of Marginalized Voices

The Restrict Act is a proposed bill that would restrict VPN usage and impose harsh penalties on users. It is an oppressive measure that would threaten the free expression of marginalized groups and the autonomy of individuals, and must be opposed at all costs.

The Culture Wars Have Gotten Rid of Reason

In light of recent culture wars, it seems that some people have a disdain for knowledge and education. They don’t want fair play, the rule of law, or diversity, equity, and inclusion. Perhaps more accurately, a few people...



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