It appears that Chief Justice John Roberts has had to make some tough decisions during his time on the Supreme Court. But it’s hard not to find a bit of humor in his latest admission – that erecting fences and barricades around the Supreme Court was one of the hardest decisions he’s ever made!

For us common Americans, this is an opportunity for us to reflect on how far we’ve come since Roberts joined the court in 2005. Back then, few would have predicted that security measures like these would become necessary at our nation’s highest court – but here we are today. It serves as a reminder of just how important it is for us all – conservatives and liberals alike – to work together towards Supreme Court ethics reform.

And while Chief Justice Roberts may be agonize at the increased security restrictions, he should understand that his rulings have caused at least equal torment for his….subjects. Now this begs an even bigger question:

What Happens When The Supreme Court Loses Credibility?

When it comes to the Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice John Roberts has been at its helm for 18 years. During this time he has made some of the most important decisions in American history – decisions that have had an immense impact on our nation’s future. But what happens when these decisions are met with widespread criticism and distrust? What happens when the Supreme Court loses credibility?

The answer is simple: chaos ensues. When people no longer trust or believe in their judicial system, they lose faith in their government as a whole and become apathetic towards civic engagement altogether. This lack of confidence can lead to civil unrest as citizens begin to question whether justice will ever be served fairly or not at all. It also creates a dangerous environment where those who hold power are able to act without consequence since there is no one willing or able enough challenge them legally and ethically due to this loss of trustworthiness within our courts system .

The reality we face today is that while Chief Justice Roberts may have tried his best throughout his tenure, he still hasn’t been successful enough in restoring integrity back into America’s highest court – leaving us all wondering if true justice will ever truly prevail again? Only time will tell, but until then progressives on the left side must continue fighting for ethical reforms from Congress, while moderate republicans must take steps towards holding those accountable, those who erode our democracy through unethical behavior regardless political party affiliation .