We are all energy….In a way…ghosts. Electric ghosts. All points are equal, all things past, present and future, concurrent. Or at least to my way of thinking. Yes, a theory a philosophy…not fact, just a matter of belief.

We are all the same on an energetic level, meaning, when I look at old films and I see the people scurrying about their daily lives they are to me electric ghosts, they once existed and had full lives, just as my own. In their minds, I was just a ghost yet to be born. In the same way I look like an electric ghost in my baby photos and when I croak I will be an electric ghost like my grandparents photos and in the minds of my children. Mere energy. My parents and grandparents, and great-grandparent’s and ancestors photos (ghosts) hang on my wall, and in the same way people of the future are ghosts to us, so I think in that respect all lives past, present, and future are equally…ghosts.

We share the same energy, and we are all connected in some way. We are all living in the same moment, and all of us have the potential to influence the future, but perhaps not in an equal manner. We are all subject to the laws of nature and the universe, and our actions and decisions will have consequences in the future. We are all part of the same collective consciousness and all of us have the potential to make a difference in the world. We are temporal, so make it count! – Brego