Category: Edmund Quotables

Great People

“Great people are not fully appreciated until they are no longer a threat to fragile egos. Oh, about 100 years after their death.” – Edmund Janas

Yes, I’m an Animal.

“You could never insult me by calling me an animal. Actually, I take it as a compliment To be called after a loyal dog, a pig, a rat, monkey or a snake is no insult! Snakes are resilient, dogs are loyal, monkeys are cute,...

Not for Love or Money

“The tragedy is we’ve come to accept money as the only language of success. But we’ve been blessed with something more powerful, more human: love. That’s what will save us.” –...

We are all Electric Ghosts

We are all energy….In a way…ghosts. Electric ghosts. All points are equal, all things past, present and future, concurrent. Or at least to my way of thinking. Yes, a theory a philosophy…not fact, just a matter...

I don’t need much to make me happy.

Some men need a supermodel and a sports car to find true happiness. I only require a day without anxiety and a cup of tea…brought to me by a supermodel in a sports car.

The Shopkeeper’s Son

I reflect on what I have overcome, how I utilized my resources, and the good I intended and continue to intend. Forgiving others is incredibly powerful; it lightens an immense burden. But forgiving myself has freed me from the weight of the world upon my shoulders.



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