Most of us are afraid of looking stupid, or at least I was for many years. But when we are born we are pretty vulnerable, and that vulnerability never really ended. We put on adult clothes and do adult things, but each of us are still pretty vulnerable. Yet we are still afraid of appearing so. Somehow, eventually failing or losing becomes “Worse than death”. We become so worried of being known as a failure, of losing…or putting in effort without 100% guarantee of success, so we stop trying. “What will they say?” or “What will they think of me?” Businesses go untried, inventions un-patented, loves go unconfessed, and for what?

It may help to know they’re saying little good about you and they aren’t thinking much of you either, no matter what you do or how “good” you are, you will NEVER gain the approval of most people. In fact, very few in this life will approve of you wholly. And if you are to live bravely in this life, you will…on occasion…suffer losses. No way around it. And sometimes the hardest losses are the people we thought we could trust. One thing I do know, if you don’t risk anything you are sure to gain nothing, and if you never try, you’ll never know. #bebrave