The absence of soul, thought, and care in today’s design world is heartbreaking. Although it is tremendously empowering to see people of various skill levels and backgrounds creating great design, there is a concerning tendency to rely on machines instead of recognizing the importance of the creative process. It’s like cooking. You don’t just throw ingredients together to make a delicious meal. There is the care of the food, the quality of ingredients, the culture, the stories and tradition, and even the love that goes into a good meal. That’s how the creative process is, or at least how it was only 8 months ago.

I understand that in a world increasingly impatient with the production of design, the expectation that design can be achieved quickly has become almost commonplace. Yet, for me, when creating a design, there is so much more at stake than merely spending time on Canva. Respect for composition, design theory, symbolism, irony, themes, and other elements of design cannot be neglected.

In the past, creating a design was expensive and time consuming. I recall doing marker comprehensives, an art skill all its own. Yet, this art form that demanded patience and care has been replaced with ai promising instant satisfaction. Thus, I am faced with the reality that so many of my clients are unaware of the artistic process. They are missing something so…interesting and exciting.

But what happens if computers become unusable? What if our skills and knowledge of the creative and artistic process is not retained, this question extends to all branches of study, not just art. What if we rely on technology to the point, if it were to be destroyed or otherwise unavailable, will we retain our skills as humans. – Brego