Many self-proclaimed authority figures today do not demonstrate intellectual rigor or support their arguments with facts. Instead, they rely on memes and unsubstantiated claims to make their point.

In the past, before the internet and social media gave everyone an amplified voice, people tended to show more deference to experts who had genuine knowledge and qualifications on a topic. Their authority was earned through study and proficiency, not just fame, wealth or having a large online following.

While everyone has a right to their opinions, it is concerning when those without depth of understanding on complex issues present themselves as authorities and gain sway over public opinion. Their confidence can appear more convincing than painstaking research and nuanced analysis.

I believe we should expect rigor, critical thinking and factual support from anyone claiming authority, rather than allowing memes and unexamined opinions to stand unchallenged, regardless of the source. Intellectual humility and deference to real expertise could benefit public discourse.