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Our Story
Hi everyone, my name is Edmund Janas. In the toughest part of the pandemic, I found a cat named David (now Casper!) freezing under my porch. With help from Thomas J. O’Conner of Springfield, MA, I got him vaccinated, quarantined (in our basement) and safe. He lived with another cat, Blake who had also been in concurrent quarantine on our second floor, but they both escaped during a time I was sick in Spring 2022. Thankfully, Blake returned, and after months of work, he’s now a loving cuddle bug.
But Casper remained missing for years, braving harsh winters. Thankfully, the Kitten Street Team of Springfield, MA rescued him again! They renamed him Casper because of his friendly personality and tendency to disappear. Sadly, Dakin discovered Casper has dental problems that make eating painful. Just the cleaning to start his treatment will cost aproximately $1,200.
Since David/Casper, I’ve fostered many cats, finding them loving homes. Now, I want to give Casper, a cat who’s overcome so much, the happy ending he deserves. He loves playing with Blake, but the pain is stopping him from fully enjoying life. This is his forever home, and he’s a fighter who deserves a pain-free life.
As a small business owner on a fixed income, Casper’s medical bills are a huge challenge. That’s why I’m reaching out to fellow cat lovers for your support.  All receipts will be posted on along with video and photo updates.
The Backstory
Blake returned 8 months later, after about 4 months of nightly feedings, trust was established. But Casper didn’t return. Anf for 2 years we assumed he was either adopted or succumbed to the sub-zero weather of Western Massachusetts. All I had was an unfinished upstairs (I live alone) and because of back injury, all work stopped on our home. But it was better than life on the streets.
But his Kahu, Edmund, got “bitten” by the rescue bug and worked with TJO to rescue and adopt several more rescues and he has 3 total rescues. He wondered what became of David Whichway, and posted on Nextdoor wondering if anyone knew what became of him, since the shelters never located him. Thankfully, he was found 2 miles away, and the wonderful people at Kitten Street Team were feeding him, they got him in for emergency care.
But while surviving in the rough, Blake developed severe dental disease and is now in pain and he can only eat blended foods. Blake and he hide together and Blake spends half his time being a cuddle bug and half his time chiling with his feral friend in their hiding spot.
KST renamed David Whichway, Casper…because he is white and disappears and reappears. That name stuck.
Now it’s evident that he is in pain when biting. It’s our hope to give Casper the best golden years we can. So, we are humbly asking for your support to assist with his dental surgery. We will send you a lifetime of photo and video updates to show you how far your compassion extends.
Edmund J. Janas