Will AI Kill All Humanity?

I’ve been preaching about the transformative power of Web 3 for three years straight and I get this blank look. But AI is a pillar of Web 3 and the first pillar people understand because they can make money off of it, the metaverse is a pillar, crypto is a pillar…and so forth.

But today someone I follow posted, AI will kill all humans if it gets any smarter. I commented: “So the animals will be OK? I’m thinking it over.”
Do I believe it? No. But our world is about to be transformed in ways we can’t begin to imagine. It will increase our power. Of course there is the chance somebody will “Do us in” with all of this knowledge. But that remains to be seen. We must regulate AI, but at this point, like me warning people, it will be ignored because it’s not wrapped in money, sex, status or religion.
Black box AI is already here and the AI arms race is on. Let’s just hope the good guys win.

What can the US do to prepare for the coming AI Cold War?

The US needs to take a multifaceted approach to preparing for the coming AI Cold War. Some of the things the US could do to prepare include:

    • Increasing investment in AI research and development: The US needs to increase its investment in AI research and development in order to maintain its competitive edge.
    • Building up AI capabilities: The US needs to build up its AI capabilities so that it can better compete against other countries.
    • Collaborating with allies: The US should collaborate with its allies to pool resources and expertise.
    • Fostering an environment that is conducive to innovation: The US needs to create an environment that is conducive to innovation in order to attract the best and brightest minds to work on AI technology.
    • Planning for the future: The US needs to plan for the future by thinking about how AI will impact various industries and sectors.
    • A.I. Legislation, an international treatise on A.I. being outlawed to exploit, kill, or torture humans or A.I. that harms life.

– Brego