So there are just a few little things “off” with Project Blue Book on Amazon Prime. But most of it is compelling. I am overall enjoying it, but yesterday The Captain said, I was stationed in Spain during WW2. I’m no history expert, but that doesn’t seem possible based on the little I know. Franco was supposedly neutral during the war, but he helped the axis powers. I always feel most TV shows are written by young Ivy leaguers somewhere. I know they tend to hire them to write comedy fresh out of college. Correct me if I’m mistaken. 

I’m learning a lot as I run to research things because they take such big liberties, but in researching and sifting fact from fiction, I’m SHOCKED by what I’m learning about Alien visitation…just mind-blown. Why so shocked? I notice the little details, that’s my thing.

Specifically the details W.W. “Mack” Brazel told friends and family and the way he hushed up and changed his story 180 degrees. The details are chilling.

I won’t get into why I’m a firm believer in Aliens and UFOs here, but I have good reason to believe. But the details the initial witnesses give, I’m a writer and I’ve worked with many a gifted writer, and none of them think to add details like some of these witnesses give. Many are backed up with hard evidence. But people can’t see what they don’t wanna see. It’s too much for our little minds to process.

In terms of the production, it’s really good. But I was a little jarred by the color grading that they started several episodes in, to make it look older, that really was confusing because it seemed like we were in flashback. But they make the UFOs look too big in post. As eye-witnesses say the Roswell UFO was small, 15′ x 40′ or something like that. This show has them like two stories high…that’s a stretch.