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Dec 29, 2019

Our Story and vision

We are Brego.com, although we have been in business for many years, the start of the pandemic represented a rebirth for our vision. Caused not just the global and tragic reckoning we all faced, but a confluence of events took place in our society, in tech and social media that ushered in a personal rebirth for our CEO and our company.  Although we are building on 30 years of business experience in film, internet and media, it was in 2019 that we started building our network in earnest.

We sell collectible posters and prints through our online shop on facebook.com/Posters, serve underserved artists and customers through facebook.com/BlackArtwork, and are developing a feature-length film based in Springfield, MA.

By year three, The Brego Network plans to be a highly efficient and self-financed production company that creates trend-setting content.  The Brego Network has already begun a pathway to becoming an early Web 3.0 marketing company based on years of acquisition of high-reach domain names and social media handles.

A Company Built on Shared Values

We believe that social media can be a force for good and that everyone should have a say in the conversations that are happening online. 

We are a company with a heart and conscience and our gift is that we can spot trends early and build community around those trends, values, and interests. Our CEO has worked on social issues since 1994, and has been guided by his heart to put his film and technology aspirations on hold to become a long-term caregiver. He believes that his years as a caregiver have been his greatest learning experience, teaching him skills like patience, self-control, and kindness. Being a caregiver has taught him to weather storms and uncertainty, to manage time, talent and resources. Our first goal is to be self-financed by year three. 

Our CEO has put in a solid 30 years of research, time and investment into the study of art, art curation, stage, design, acting, web development, video, lighting, print, and publicity, and he will function as a teacher, mentor and guide for the talent he employs and is charged with guiding.

The Brego Network will provide employment for local talent in its first year. Edmund will guide many others who are seeking to improve life in Springfield, for one and all. The Brego Network is Edmund’s way of “paying it forward.”We are Brego Arts, Media & Entertainment, and we are excited to show you what we can do!

The coming revolution


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