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The truth is, the ads on our network pay very little. So if you enjoyed a story, article or insight on our network you can support our mission for an open and egalitarian Web3 by sending a small donation.

Your donation helps us build a new media network focused on diversity, inclusion, and empowerment through emerging technologies. Your donation will also assist us on our quest for justice and the documentation of what happened to PFC Edmund J. Janas, Sr.

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Thank you for your generous support! Together we’ll shape a better future. Remember, if you cannot give, that’s OK, simply share our stories on the bottom right or shop our affiliate links below. You support, both great and small is essential to our mission and very much appreciated.

You can also join our Patreon to communicate with me directly and support our quest for justice through a monthly Patreon Subscription. You will have access to more specifics related to our case that is not accessible to the general public, but which was provided to the courts. You will be asked to clarify whether your join is related to Quest for Justice for Edmund J. Janas, Sr. or if they will be applied more broadly to our multimedia network startup. EVERY dollar donated is accounted for and each donator will be entitled to know where their funds are going, down to the last penny. These contributions are NOT tax-deductible. Please make a note on how you would like your donation spent. This will help us at tax time. Thank you for your support.

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