Brego Arts & New Media is both a network and a new media production company that provides creative and digital media services from concept to distribution, including online marketing, art and prints, e-commerce, and video and film production.

The company intends to use contract creators and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create entertainment content across our 200 marketing channels. Brego Arts & New Media is also a Web 3 marketing company with a unique synergy among our web 3 properties. Some of which include: Web3phones, and to name a few. Brego Arts & Media is leveraging our Web 3 domain portfolio to reach customers and form meaningful relationships with partners, affiliates, and sponsors.
Our network of high-reach channels and integrated revenue streams and our planned domain and social media handle integration means our network has a marketing advantage that is unmatched.

We’re committed to staying ahead of the rapidly changing landscape and producing creative content, design, and production services with the highest production value. With the right backing and expertise, we anticipate self-financing in three years and a strong community of followers who appreciate the trends, values, and interests we represent.

We believe that the emerging web 3 landscape offers exciting new possibilities for creating more inclusive and equitable systems, and we are dedicated to exploring and promoting these opportunities by partnering with your company.

Our company’s flagship web app will provide a new and exciting way to help people and businesses discover new trends before the masses and win through first-mover advantage. will be developed into a social media digest tool and shopping engine.. Brego also sells collectible posters and prints through its online shop on and serves underserved artists and customers through The company’s fourth major source of revenue will be through its education channels on the topic of Senolytics or Anti-Aging. By year three, Brego plans to be a highly efficient and self-financed production company with a focus on development, digital marketing, social media and video and film production.

Our company is committed to fighting suppression of content, shadow banning, while respecting user privacy. Brego is currently designing a social media “layover” that will allow people with shared values to connect with each other and have discussions on the issues that matter connecting them in a novel way through Our ultimate goal is to create an AI powered “semantic network” within the next two years.

At Brego Arts & New Media, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work, including media and publishing. It is no secret that the media and publishing industries have historically lacked diversity, with underrepresented voices often ignored or silenced. As a BIPOC owned and controlled company, we understand firsthand the importance of creating opportunities for marginalized voices to be heard. We strive to ensure that our content and projects reflect a wide range of perspectives and experiences, and we actively seek out partnerships with diverse creators and collaborators.

We are excited to enter the Web 3 field and would love to explore the possibility of working together! We believe that by joining forces, we can both benefit from the opportunities this new technology offers and grow together.