Coming to Terms with Neurodivergence

I’m just the catalyst, setting the cornerstone as best I can, making sure I’m building on values, and that I remain as positive as possible. When you are smart there is ample reason to be depressed. My brain can spot things most other brains have difficulty spotting. It works in the aggregate…images, words, languages usage, and a general intuition all working together to see the “big picture” in the small easy-to-miss details. Part of it is cultural, from the time I was little my father told me, “look for the little details”.

I used to think everyone could do that, and I would get angry and frustrated when people didn’t see what was right in front of their faces. And when I was 25 or so, working for some of the top organizations in the world but not having my full defenses formed, I let others believe I was “wrong” for using my gifts and talents. Then once I was away that not everyone thought this way (and in recent years truly understood this) I felt it a boast to claim any skill or talent, especially one not easily understood. Sometimes it feels extrasensory, but now I see it’s a type of genius. I’m not a genius, Things like filling the gas tank, changing the oil, or ordering something online stump me. So I would even say I’m neurodivergent or on spectrum, but I can spot problems and solutions in short order by looking at the visuals, the data, the visuals, the way people use language and I can spot the problem and the fix. Is that a gift or just reason to be depressed? I have used it to identify problems and solutions in the workplace, to see corruption in the VA, medicine and eldercare. But the depressing part is when you realize, the people in positions to change things don’t care. They are weak, they have no will, and most of all they love money and would never truly bite the hand that feeds them.

The Brego Arts & Media Network is my proof-of-concept. Can I produce abundantly with this gift or is the gift simply insight as a writer, miserable fodder for stories. I hope not and often I feel like the philosopher Thales, I am compelled to prove my point…and to take an unconventional path to doing so. I didn’t abandon my art, I’ve become a technology artist.

Being in despair and depressed is unproductive and not good. But at the same time staying positive doesn’t mean being Pollyanna, it just means: Continue. Keep going, Believe there is more good than bad, and that’s sometimes hard to do. But my intent is to be part of the good, what moves us all forward in peace and power. I needed to understand that before I began.

How to Come to Terms with Your Neurodivergence

  • Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of neurodivergence and learn to recognize them in yourself.
  • Connect with others who have similar experiences, and find support in the neurodivergence community.
  • Consider the ways that understanding your neurodivergence can give you a better understanding of yourself.
  • Take the time to explore ways to better manage your symptoms and increase your overall wellbeing.
  • Recognize that getting properly diagnosed and treated is essential for living your best life. are Coming Soon! 

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