Although don’t like being dragged into mud by pigs. But I do have to speak on this, as a biracial person, we get it from all sides. Blacks, Whites…even from other mixed individuals. This is why I relate to Meghan Markle so much. I know exactly what she has to deal with. Namely, assholes like this, Jesus Enrique Consuelo Rosas. I find it funny how supposedly rational people start attacking other people for no reason, especially people they don’t know. I also think it’s funny when a man attacks a woman verbally or otherwise for no reason. “There’s nowt so queer as folk.” Oh, and it’s triply funny when it’s thinly veiled racism to boot, quadruply funny when it’s P.O.C. doing it. It’s so funny it circles around and becomes unfunny.

 So, I followed this body language expert, until he starts attacking Meghan Markle. Im like…wt….Your whole brand is now centered around hating Meghan Markle? Of all the evil in the world, you chose…..her? Now we all know hate is suddenly big business, and Mr. Rosas seems intelligent and successful, he must know something (or be well-financed) or he wouldn’t have nearly half a million subscribers on Youtube.  But I have to address this. Because people like him are dangerous. They are irrational and the do nothing more than stoke resentments. Now, maybe he’s jealous because she got the prince, but I’m reminded of my good Christian female friends who acted like vampires kissing sunlight the moment they found out Prince Harry chose her. Hissing and shit. They didn’t know why they hated Meghan, they just did. Well, Meghan is not only beautiful, she’s black. Blackity, black-black-black….like me, so here I come to her defense. . Let’s stop mind-masturbating, and admit, that’s the real reason these woman, and this man in particular, can’t stand her. She’s Black and Beautiful and snagged a prince. NO, it’s better. HE snagged a beautiful poised actress. Nope she didn’t have keys to Buckingham Palace. She was in the Americas minding her pretty little business. He pursued her. And that’s what’s eating your asses alive. But you know what…what they think doesn’t matter. It makes no difference. They can scream and shout all the way to an early grave. Makes no diff. I posted a couple of comments on his video, calling The Body Language Guy out, for making such personal attacks, but they got deleted immediately, because ya’ll know he’s on his game. I know this kind of self-hatred is too deep to be healed, but I tried. LOL. I’m sure he has a shrine in his house devoted to her. He can delete my comments, but I can call him out here…or better yet, you can watch his self-hatred and decide for yourself. 


And just to be fair to The Body Language Guy, I’ll say…I did want to drag Kellyanne Conway, Melania Trump, Boebart and Martin-Greene, but decided that a male presenting person attacking women is a bad look, even if they deserve it. And those bitches are guilty of way more than Meghan, like insurrection, law-breaking, fomenting violence, putting Latinx kids in cages…you know, real CRIMES. But you go ahead and attack the Duchess…what did she do again? Oh, yes, she was born half Black. Black, Black Bla-ahk!


I don’t generally take down women, I have some standards, but this man Rosas, this little neglet is foaming at the mouth because he can’t stand seeing a black person as a better. He’s melting down like an Asimov robot. It must directly contradict all that deeply engrained Latinx generational trauma steeped in class and colorism. Kay Linda, I hope you and the staff that selected you all stew in your own collective juices.Oh, and Jesus Enrique Rosas, I only dabble in body language, but I think your video poster frame below tells the WHOLE story. You can’t stand to see a happy Black woman with a prince. look at your facial expression and body language.