So (in part 1) I’ve established that mark Zuckerberg is basically taking web three and calling it meta. Okay. I’m not against mark Zuckerberg. I think what he’s doing is brilliant because although he’s providing free pages, free groups. And free shops on his platform. He is also going to make money through advertisement.

He’s going to make money through value added services, like credit card processing, et cetera, and, uh, premium services. I’m sure. Um, so that’s pretty brilliant. And I’m also hearing indications that he’s going to be working on a meta watch and I’m sure a meta tablet and meta phones are on the horizon. So thank you, mark Zuckerberg for opening up the platform now to get to who I’m talking to.

I know people will hear what I’m saying and be like, well, it’s not entirely accurate. Well, I’m not trying to be entirely accurate. I’m trying to reach the hearts and the minds of normal people and encourage them to take. In the web three economy to buy cryptocurrencies. Now, what are cryptocurrencies?

They are basically tokens that companies use to keep track of their value. Who’s participating in their company, who they will reward, how they will reward people. And these tokens are interchangeable with us dollars. So you could buy 500. Make believe tokens for one us dollar. So join Coinbase, go to, uh, my site forge slash services.

I encourage you to join Coinbase. I think they’re the best Robin hood as a close second, um, Coinbase will allow you to. About a cryptocurrency and earn a cryptocurrency, um, either in 1, 2, 3, $5 denominations, whatever, or you get $10 in, in Bitcoin for joining, and then you can turn around and, and swap out.

Um, other cryptocurrencies. Now I prefer. Um, Coinbase because they have a Coinbase pro, which is a trading app that’s built in. All you have to do is send a request and you can send and receive cryptocurrencies and avoid a lot of the high fees. Uh, it’s still very expensive to send cryptos around the world, um, for technical reasons, which I can’t get into, but I just wanna leave you with this.

There are a lot of people who have been shot out of the web. the internet. Boom. There are lots. There are a lot of school teachers. There are a lot of taxi drivers. There are a lot of people who’ve never owned anything. I am encouraging everyone to buy cryptocurrencies to get on there. Find an aspect of web three that resonates with you.

Realize you may not make money. You may lose money. So consult your advisor, but get on board.

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