As my sister Dot says: “If you wanna get ass, you gotta bring ass.” Meaning if you think you are gonna fight someone, you better be willing to count the cost and be willing to get your own ass kicked. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I say it’s wise to be careful who you pick a fight with and be careful who you christen as “the enemy”. It’s an old horror trope, is it not; the girl running from the guy trying to help her and the bad guy is in the back seat as she locks herself in the car with him. I’m sure we’ve all seen that film. Don’t be that girl.

My point, people screw themselves out of good things all the time because they lack the ability to think for themselves, and somebody told them a rumor about who is the villain in the fiction they have playing in their mind.

I’m reminded of that old film, can’t remember the name. The detective says to the rich old widow, “You know that family…they’re a bunch of swindlers with a criminal record.” The old lady looks at the detective and says: “I take people as I find them, not as others find them.”

It’s a great old movie, shot in England in the 1930’s…good message about redemption. The moral of the story is to not judge people based on what others say about them, but to take them as you find them.

Found the film The Young in Heart (1938)