I cant’ believe he would post something so…misogynistic, violent….subtextually white supremicist?! What is this? And this is so degrading to women… OK, OK, OK! I’ll get a grip. Timmy is testing his limits. Don’t get upset. But OMG. Is this what Twitter has devolved into? It’s bad enough I am greeted by constant tweets from the alt-right, radical Christians, violent and white supremacist messages. Now this openly misogynistic image? OK, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt…and say it’s art. What is he saying? Is this an image or message a person of power would want to send into the world? I am literally repulsed by this. How can this stand?   

Perhaps it’s nothing more than a political commentary on the power and influence Elon Musk has and the need to challenge his authority. But the use of milk in the photo reads like a reference to white supremacy values…and perhaps the need to resist those values?  The women in the photo could be interpreted as metaphors for those who are oppressed and those in power. But without context…it just skews upsetting and disturbing. Very irresponsible of a person with so much power.

Elon Musk has a lot of power and influence over people, and the implication being he is able to control and manipulate people in order to achieve his goals. This disturbing image also suggests that he is not afraid to use force in order to get what he wants.what does the milk represent?  To me it reaks of white supremicism?

Just goes to show you, money can’t buy you class….now can it?





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