The Crown: Princess Diana Deserved Better

Binging The Crown but 3 episodes is my limit for season 6. Yes, life is so often cruel and complicated, this initially seemed messy enough to be plausible. But as the story staggered on, it became clear…its’a bit contrived and forces as they are really pushing the narrative that she didn’t love Dodi, or at least not enough to marry him…or placing the blame on the Fayed family. The royals only issue was that the father wanted citizenship, not that the future King would have a biracial half-brother? Hmm, I am sure this comes as huge consolation to Meghan and Harry.

I’m not buying ONE word of this rubbish, it doesn’t ring true at all. This storyline contradicts all reports at the time. It’s pretty inconsistent with the actions people normally take.

Princess Diana deserved better. I can’t imagine the pain that this series uncovers for Harry, William and the Fayed family. I respected her for her work, and this season is leaving me nothing but angry at how she was treated. She was too far ahead of her time. People are slimy on every level. Humans can be such ugly bags of mostly water.