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Author: Brego

Championing Equality: The Battle Against Legal Attacks on Businesses Supporting BIPOC and Disabled Entrepreneurs

The article delves into the alarming trend of right-wing groups weaponizing the judicial system against organizations championing diversity and inclusion, particularly targeting those supporting BIPOC and disabled entrepreneurs. Using Hello Alice as a case in point, the piece highlights a lawsuit initiated by America First Legal (AFL), claiming that grants provided to Black-owned businesses are a violation of civil rights. The narrative expands to reveal a broader agenda, as AFL has targeted similar programs aiding Native American, Latino, and Black small business owners, even affecting U.S. Veterans’ initiatives. The article underscores the significance of standing against such legal maneuvers, urging readers to raise awareness, contact legislators, and monitor these actions that pose a threat not only to targeted businesses but to the principles of equality and the American Dream itself. The piece concludes with a call to support initiatives like Hello Alice’s American Dream Awards and Grant program, emphasizing the need to counteract divisive forces and uphold the value of a diverse small business community.

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