Clarence “Sunken Place” Thomas and Ginni Thomas are leading the way to bring slavery Back. Apparently it works for them…so. What’s happening to the women of Afghanistan is horrific, and if we aren’t careful the USA will become a theocracy just like the Taliban government there. Or even closer to home, like Poland, where they have outlawed abortion and women are dying. And I’m also hearing my plans to go there are forever on hold. Did you know they have “Gay Free Zones”. Amazing, they shed Soviet Rule only to turn around and suppress their own people. Not a point of pride for me.

But Think about it. Where did that $2.3 Trillion dollars go to in Afghanistan? It went to rich military contractors. Those fat cats in Washington lined pockets and did nothing but hand over the country to a repressive regime. $2,300,000,000,000.00!!! That money could have been use to end homelessness, poverty, upgraded our infrastructure or paid for college for Americans. Where did that money go? What good did it do?! The people with that money now want to do the same for America. Put women under the control of men (and the dumbest, cruelest backwater men of all, racist-ass CRACKERS from the South) with no ability to do anything, and no privacy. Men from the most inbred, lowest tax-generating states. The states with the highest incidents of gun violence. States reliant on Federal taxes from blue states in order to feed their people.

The Taliban first went for women. Why is that? Because they felt powerless next to educated women. It doesn’t take brains to wage war…it takes brains and courage to build up a nation. In the same way these men here, without a clue how to govern, seek to control women…because they know their time is up. In Afghanistan, it’s the same. Men incapable of governing telling women they can’t be educated, and telling them what they can wear (forcing dress which is not a part of their custom) telling them where they can go, forcing male chaperons. Under gunpoint. Sounds a bit like the “#Christians” here. Taking Jesus name in vain, loving guns above the children that are here. Sickening. And mark my words. The topic will be forever, their limited and doctored view of Christianity. Bills like Texas HB 20 have a provision, and although I agree with the bill, because it will likely end the suppression of BIPOC voices on social media, there is a provision which they sneaked in there. It says that social media companies have 48 hours to report content that is criminal. Sound like what’s already being done, right? Well, Republicans being crafty bastards. Think about if Republicans get there way ALL abortion will be illegal, even some forms of contraception will be considered murder. So, hypothetically, let’s say a pro life and a pro choice person posts a video online. The pro choice video will likely be deleted by, say Facebook. Why? Because the video may be aiding or abetting a crime. Meanwhile Mr. Pro Life who never conceived of anything in his life is free to push his message of salvation through his particular skewed religion. This is how we will be censored, this is how dissent dies. Currently Brett Kavanaugh is reviewing Texas HB 20 (him of all people…I know) but I am in support of the law, because right now, BIPOC and other marginalized communities are being suppressed on social media via shadowbanning. Many don’t even know it’s happening. So, you are saying what’s that and why does it matter. Well the issue isn’t just that moderators boot people if they don’t like their hair texture, color or message, or that the algorithm favors rich, white attractive creators above say, rich black and attractive creators, it limits access to markets. Tiktok has admitted as much. But if you dig deeper you find that it’s essentially copyright theft. A black creator’s work is often copied innocently (and sometimes stolen blatently) by white creators, then monetized by white creators who give them no attribution, and the money is offloaded into white pockets. Black creators are left with little or nothing. So, Texas HB 20 will forbid Social Media with more than 50 million monthly users from doing that. Everyone will get a fair shake, BUT….that darn provision and the elimination of a woman’s right to privacy. It will likely deputize ordinary citizens to snitch and sue their fellow citizen. (no doubt selectively) and it will be like The Gulag Archipelago all over again. But because we are digital. Trust me, it will be forever. He who controls the algorithms, what we can and cannot say…and with no right to privacy. WE ARE DONE. Slavery WILL be the law of the land. Don’t believe me, check out my TikTok on Clarence and Ginni Thomas. They most definitely are trying to bring back SLAVERY. In a nutshell he came down saying that D.A.s are not required to divulge exculpatory evidence that would free the wrongfully convicted, he argued D.A’s might be sued out of business. (he lamented) So he has no problem sleeping knowing he’s putting innocent people behind bars or to death. No problem, and a disproportionately Black and Brown population at that. From my cursory research a full 50% of those exonerated are BIPOC. So…think about that. The 13th Amendment has a provision for involuntary servitude, and that’s for criminals. Why do you suppose tRump’s first order of business was to appoint as many unqualified and easy-to-control judges to lifetime appointments to the Federal courts?

Democrats share some of the blame. They should have codified Roe V. Wade when they had the supermajority, and also…Obama should not have left that many Federal judge vacancies, but hey…but in all fairness, tRump as at least a little careful to conceal his intention to overthrow Democracy at the beginning. Perhaps Obama did not or could not have envisioned a U.S. President with zero scruples. It’s anyone’s guess. But again, the Republicans fought Obama on everything…so what could he have done? You can’t fight on all fronts. So if Dems win the mid-terms, maybe they should pack the courts with more judges. At least sane judges who believe in science, equality and progress. So this is why we must vote! Now…hold that thought. Notice how even pitching a tent in the south is now a felony? How they are moving to make even the use of contraception murder?

Now get this. The Supreme Court NOW rules that convicted criminals can’t have their verdicts overturned EVEN if they are on death row and they had inadequate counsel EVEN IF there is EVIDENCE that would FREE THEM!!! The court ruled that, lead again by Clarence Thomas, that the STATE has the right to execute. State rights, the same rationale for slavery. Clarence Thomas MUST be impeached, along with every justice who lied during their confirmation. And Ginni Thomas needs be charged for interference with an election or fraud…or for whatever crimes it seems she may have committed.

Don’t kid yourself, everything is connected. When women fall, society falls. It’s a spiral downward…more early marriages, increase child mortality, suicides…and the list goes on and on. A damn fool can see where these religious nuts are taking us. VOTE every last Republican out of office at midterms. When all is said and done, there shouldn’t be a Republican dog-catcher working in America next year. They wanna be hoes to lobbyists, let’s put these them out on the streets and let them trick for their money.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Now even an IDIOT knows what this means. But that won’t stop Clarence Thomas and his Mistress, not Amy Corny Barrett, and not Brett “Chug! Chug! Chug!” Kavanaugh. Not Justice Alito…they are about to send us back 600 years. And yes, Judge Samuel Alito cited Sir Matthew Hale, an English judge who viewed women as the property of men, and who condemned TWO woman to DEATH for witchcraft. I can’t make this shit up. So please. Don’t talk to me about a an all-loving God or this being an issue about life. Cruelty is their point, and God is not cruel, unjust or harsh to the poor, needy or the wrongly accused!

This is an issue to wrestle your privacy and rights away, to control you, body and soul, to return and expand slavery. My opinion only, do your own research and decide for yourself.

Not direct citations, but for further reading:

Sir Matthew Hale

Camping while homeless a felony in Tennessee.